Phylogenetic sequence analysis and improved diagnostic assay systems for viruses of the family Reoviridae


Edited by Peter. P. C. Mertens and Houssam Attoui

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Isolates of Chenuda virus (CNUV)

in the dsRNA virus collection at  IAH Pirbright 


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 Family: Reoviridae, Genus: Orbivirus, Species: Chenuda virus   (CGLV)  

 *IAH dsRNA virus collection number


( ICTVdb isolate Accession Number)

Virus Species




 (identification method)

Place of original sample eg country town

 [grid reference]


 (date original sample was taken)

Isolated from which host species e.g cow, sheep, etc


(Date of virus isolation, where, by whom)

Position of storage in reference freezers


 (Date added to collection)


Isolate Designation

Original sample material,


 Adapted to which cell types 


(Passage history of sample)


[IAH passage history]

* Original sample supplied to the collection by person / institution


[IAH, ISIS sample number]


 References &  accession numbers  


Chenuda virus






Shelf C13,

box- β,

rows G1-H10.

Added to collection on 29th  March 2011 


SA Ar  3441

36129  0.5 ml

Passage: suckling mice6

10% smb/ 7.5%  bap

Harvest: 1/27/1985

Freeze dried date: 08/23/1985


Dr.Houssam Attoui


The prototype number mentioned in the Arbovirus Catalogue is:
Ar 1170





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