Phylogenetic sequence analysis and improved diagnostic assay systems for viruses of the family Reoviridae


Edited by Peter. P. C. Mertens and Houssam Attoui

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Assigned IAH dsRNA-virus collection numbers

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BTV  untyped or mixed types BTV-1 BTV-2 BTV-3 BTV-4 BTV-5 BTV-6
BTV-7 BTV-8 BTV-9 BTV-10 BTV-11 BTV-12
BTV-13 BTV-14 BTV-15 BTV-16 BTV-17 BTV-18
BTV-19 BTV-20 BTV-21 BTV-22 BTV-23 BTV-24
BTV-25 BTV-26 BTV original samples Rescued BTV strains
EHDV untyped or mixed types EHDV-1 EHDV-2 EHDV-3 EHDV-4 EHDV-5 EHDV-6
EHDV-7 EHDV-8        
AHSV untyped or mixed types AHSV-1 AHSV-2 AHSV-3 AHSV-4 AHSV-5 AHSV-6
AHSV-7 AHSV-8 AHSV-9 Reassortant and Rescued AHSV strains
Chobar Gorge virus Chenuda virus Corriparta virus Equine encephalosis virus (EEV) Eubenangee virus Ieri virus
Orthoreovirus Palyam virus Peruvian horse sickness virus Umatilla virus Wad Medani Virus Wallal virus Warrego virus
Wongorr virus Unassigned viruses          


Other Viruses

Collection Number   Virus Species and type
Chobar Gorge virus
NEP1970/01 Chobar Gorge virus (CGV-1)
Chenuda virus
EGY1954/01 Chenuda virus (CNUV-1)
Corriparta virus
AUS1994/02 CORV (V654)
AUS1994/01 CORV (V370)


Equine encephalosis virus
RSA1967/03 EEV-1  (Cascara)
RSA1967/02 EEV-1  (Cascara)
RSA1967/01 EEV-1  (Cascara)
RSA1971/06 EEV-2  (Gamil)
RSA1971/05 EEV-2  (Gamil)
RSA1971/04 EEV-2  (Gamil)
GAM2009/06 EEV-3
GAM2009/05 EEV-3
RSA1974/06 EEV-3  (KaalPlaas)


EEV-3 (KaalPlaas)


EEV-3  (KaalPlaas)

ISR2009/21 EEV-3
ISR2009/20 EEV-3
RSA1976/03 EEV-4 (Bryanston)
RSA1976/02 EEV-4 (Bryanston)
RSA1976/01 EEV-4 (Bryanston)
(Previously labelled incorrectly as RSA1974/03)
EEV-5 (Kyalami )


(Previously labelled incorrectly as RSA1974/02)

EEV-5 (Kyalami )


(Previously labelled incorrectly as RSA1974/01)

EEV-5 (Kyalami )



EEV-6 (Potchefstroom)


EEV-6 (Potchefstroom)

RSA1991/03 EEV-6 (Potchefstroom)
Eubenangee virus
AUS2001/01 Eubenangee (TSDS)
AUS1999/04 Tilligerry
AUS1999/02 Eubenangee (TSDS)
AUS1999/01 Eubenangee (TSDS)
AUS1980/06 PALV (Marrakai)
AUS1978/07 Eubenangee
AUS1978/04 Eubenangee virus (EUBV)
AUS1978/03 EUBV (Tilligery NB7080)
AUS1978/02 EUBV (IN1074)
AUS1963/01 Eubenangee virus (EUBV)
CAF1968/01 EUBV - Pata virus isolate (PATAV)
AUS????/02 EUBV (Tilligerry)
Ieri Virus
TAT1955/01 IERIV-1
Palyam virus
AUS1991/02 PALV (DPP66)
AUS1991/01 PALV (D'Aguilar )
SUD1983/09 Palyam (PALV) untyped
SUD1983/08 (SUD----/04) PALV-untyped
SUD1982/03 PALV-untyped
SUD1982/02 PALV-untyped
AUS 1980/05 PALV (Bunyip Creek)
AUS1980/04 PALV (CSIRO Village)
AUS1979/04 PALV (Marrakai CSIRO82)
AUS1977/02 PALV (CSIRO Village)

PALV (Bunyip Creek)

AUS1970/01 PALV (D'Aguilar B8112)
Peruvian horse sickness virus
PHSV1997/01 PHSV-1
Umatilla virus
USA1969/01 UMAV-1
Wad Medani virus
SUD1952/01 Wad Medani virus (WMV-1)
 Wallal virus
AUS1978/09 Wallal (CSIRO44)
AUS1978/08 Wallal
AUS1996/01 WALV (AAHL1/96 Kangaroo blindness)
AUS1995/03 WALV (EMAI - 95/1223 Kangaroo blindness)
(previously identified as AUS1982/03 in error)
WALV (Mudjinbarry NT14952)
AUS1980/01 WALV (Ch10248 )
Warrego virus
AUS2010/01 Warrego (?) untyped
AUS1995/05 WARV (Kangaroo blindness) untyped
AUS1995/04 WARV (Kangaroo blindness) untyped


WARV (Kangaroo blindness) untyped


WARV (Ch9935)


WARV (Mitchell River)

AUS1970/04 Palyam virus (D'Aguilar B8112)
AUS1970/03 WGRV
AUS1970/02 WGRV
AUS1970/01 WGRV
AUS1969/01 WARV (Ch9935)
Wongor virus
AUS1996/02 WGRV  (V595)
AUS1994/03 WGRV  (MRM13443)
AUS1993/01 WGRV (V13939)
AUS1982/04 WGRV (Paroo River GG668)
MOR2004/01 MORV
COR2003/07 MRV-3
AUS1998/01 Orthoreovirus (ORV) (untyped)
IND1997/02 MORV

MORV (Ndelle)

Unassigned viruses
AUS1998/01 Unassigned orbivirus
BRA1985/01 Tracambe virus (TRV)
AUS1981/11 PALV/EHDV? (unassigned)
AUS1981/10 PALV/EHDV? (unassigned)
AUS1981/09 PALV/EHDV? (unassigned)
AUS1981/08 PALV/EHDV? (unassigned)
AUS1979/09 PALV/EHDV? (unassigned)
AUS1979/08 PALV/EHDV? (unassigned)
AUS1979/07 PALV/EHDV? (unassigned)
PNG1965/01 Japanaut virus (JAPV)
BOL1963/01 Matucare virus (MATV)
BRA1963/01 Tembe virus (TMEV)
MAD1979/01 Andasibe virus (ANDV)

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