Phylogenetic sequence analysis and improved diagnostic assay systems for viruses of the family Reoviridae


Edited by Peter. P. C. Mertens and Houssam Attoui

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Isolates of Bluetongue virus type 20 (BTV-20)

in the dsRNA virus collection at  IAH Pirbright


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 Family: ReoviridaeGenus: Orbivirus,  Species: Bluetongue virus,  serotype 20 (BTV-20) 

 *IAH dsRNA virus collection number


( ICTVdb isolate Accession Number)

Virus Species




 (identification method)

Place of original sample eg country town

 [grid reference]

 (date original sample was taken)

Isolated from which host species e.g cow, sheep, etc


(Date of virus isolation, where, by whom)

Position of storage in reference freezers

 (Date added to collection)


Isolate Designation

Original sample material,


 Adapted to which cell types 



(Passage history of sample)


[IAH passage history]

* Original sample supplied to the collection by person / institution



[IAH, ISIS sample number]





accession numbers  




(eastern topotype,

reference strain)

Supplied by OVI S. Africa* (27/06/83)


shelf C2, 
box C2γ,
rows E1-F10
Added to 
collection on
4th Nov 2005

 (Ref. Strain)   





Duplicate samples  E1(g) supplied on 19th Dec 2007, to JongChul, Jeong Ja Yeon Agrotech Co., Ltd., 385-6, ChonChon-Dong, JangAn-Gu, SuWon-City, KyungKi-Do, 440-330, Korea

Vial F1 (p) A&B sent to Mehdi El Harrak, Biopharma , Morocco  29th June 2009


Vial F2 sent to Denis Kolbasov,  Russian National Institute of  Veterinary Virology 29th Sept 2009


Vial E sent to Dr Graham Abdeljelil, Institut Pasteur de Tunis 8th March 2011


[Seg-2: AJ585141,

Seg-6: AJ586723]

Maan et al 2004 (1),

Singh et al 2004 (3),

Maan et al 2007 (2)]







Old isolate No.: Y923 


Origin: CS19


Sample sent as 'BTV-20'

??/2BHK21 (PP)


Peter Kirkland,

Elizabeth Macarthur Agricultural Institute, Menangle, NSW 2568 Australia

Sent: 7th Sept 2010

Note  supplied with  sample: CPE positive / BT-PCR positive


It is uncertain if the date given is sampling date or date of arrival at EMAI. 

(See also AUS1975/01)


ex LPL





Type 20

Australia (27/09/78 )



(CSIRO 19)




St. George et al., 1978 (4)




Type 20


Northern Territories


(T. St George)

Shelf A6,


Rows C1-D10

( CS19,




Dr. Ian Pritchard AAHL Geelong, Australia

*MTA* , not to be supplied  to 
3rd parties without written consent
 from original source
Tube C1 (freezer A&B) given to
 Tamara Jabbar  IAH-Pirbright 
10th March 2008  

(See also  AUS1979/05)


Vial D1 from Freezer A given to Elizabeth Morecroft (Pirbright) 9th Jul 2013. 




Maan S, Maan NS, Samuel AR, O'Hara R, Meyer AJ, Rao S, Mertens PP. (2004) Completion of the sequence analysis and comparisons of genome segment 2 (encoding outer capsid protein VP2) from representative isolates of the 24 bluetongue virus serotypes. Vet Ital. 2004 Oct-Dec;40(4):484-8.


Maan S, Maan NS, Samuel AR, Rao S, Attoui H, Mertens PPC. (2007) Analysis and phylogenetic comparisons of full-length VP2 genes of the 24 bluetongue virus serotypes. Journal of General Virology  88, 621-630.


Singh KP, Maan S, Samuel AR, Rao S, Meyer AJ, Mertens PP. (2004) Phylogenetic analysis of bluetongue virus genome segment 6 (encoding VP5) from different serotypes. Vet Ital. 2004 Oct-Dec;40(4):479-83.



St George TD, Standfast HA, Cybinski DH, Dyce AL, Muller MJ, Doherty RL, Carley JG, Filippich C, Frazier CL. (1978) The isolation of a bluetongue virus from Culicoides collected in the Northern Territory of Australia. Aust Vet J. 1978 Mar;54(3):153-4.


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